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Elizabeth Penrhyn recipe book

A good medicine for one that hath a
trembling or sadness about his
heart that comes of the spleene.

Take a good handfull of Rosemary flowers, or els the leaves, and as
much Buglas [Bugle - the English name of plants of the genus Ajuga] and Burrage, the flowers if you can gett them, or
els the leaves, a Sticke of Synamon bruized well, Seeth [boil or stew] all theis
in a pottle of faire water till halfe be sodden [boiled] away, then streyne
it, and put to it some sugar, and make therof a Sirrope, with
white wyne evening and morning drinke it: Or seeth all the
aforesaid hearbes, Synamon and Sugar in white wyne and soe
drinke it, and this is as good as the medicine above said for the
same disease. Probatum est.

To make a Plaister to comfort
The stomacke.

Take a good handfull of dryed Roseleaves, twoe greate waight
Of the powder of Cloves and Synamon, and as much powder of
Mynte, or els take dry mynte and seeth it in a pottle of malmesey
Till the third parte be sodden away, then put them altogether in
A bagg, and wyth the Juce of it washe his Stomacke downewards
W[i]thall, and drye the bagg and lay it to his Stomacke.

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