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Petition to Court of Sewers

Gentlemen Commissioners of the Court of Sewers.


That your pertitioners, are Inhabitants of Burringham

Poor men, that has only a House to Sleep in. and long ago,

when the Common was open, that there is Sewer into
the River Trent. and it was laid on to ? this Sewer by Lots.

and every Common Right House, did as much as the

Largest Farm. now the Common is got Inclosed and cultivated

into Tillage. now they want their Land Dreaning, the Sewer

Enlarging, and these poor men are obledge to do it in terror

of the Abstract. there is about 106 Roods of this Sewer

the Expence of Cleansing at the Midsummer was half a Crown

a House. this time Eight and some as high as twelve

Shillings. and there is one Day at Butterwick Drean

at Midsummer, and another at Willroe Bank. these Expence

we cannot Bear without much hurt. therefore we pray,

that you Gentlemen, will order this Sewer to be Done

by pound rate, then we shall pay our proportion.

In Summer, one Farmer wants to take in a Tide, for his

Line, another cannot attend that Day, but he will take

another in two or three Days after, till there is five

or Six Tides took in every Summer. and brings

a great Deal of Wharp into the Sewer. and makes

these poor Men Dyke it out. the Farmers say they

are Common right Houses, and there is Common Land.

but it is very Little. there is only one piece let, and

that for about five pounds a year, but that money

they pay their Levies with, the money that belongs

to the Houses, they convert it to use of the Rates. but the

Sewer to the Houses. you
We Humbly beseech ? Gentlemen, that you will take it

into your Serious Consideration, and grant us redress

her Jone X Markham this widow has four Children

and only a House and not a Rood of Land
And does as much as the Largest Farm

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