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Abraham Laudamus

Ye Abraham Laudamus

We praise thee, Oh Abe! we acknowledge
thee to be sound on the goose.
All Yankee-Land doth worship thee,
everlasting old joker.

To thee all office seekers cry aloud
"Flunkeydom and all the powers therein".
To thee Stanton & Wells continually
do cry, "Bully, bully, bully, boy with the
glass eye."

Washington & Illinois are full of the
Majesty of thy glory.
The glorious company of political generals
praise thee.

The goodly fellowship of Postmasters
praise thee.
The noble army of contractors praise thee.
The mighty-republican institutions through-
out all Columbia do acknowledge thee.

The Father of infinite proclamations.

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thine admirable true and only policy
Also, Brevet Lieutenant General Winfield
Scott, the Comforter.

Thou art the King of Rail-Splitters
Oh Abe!
Thou art the everlasting son of the
late Mr Lincoln

When thou tookest upon thee to run
for the Presidency & deliver the Union, thou
didst humble thyself to stand upon the
"Chicago Platform."

When thou didst overcome the sharpness
of election, thou didst open the White
House kitchen to all believers.
Thou sittest at the right hand of
"Uncle Tom" in the glory of the Capitol.

We believe that thou shalt not come
to be reelected.
Nevertheless we pray thee help thy servants
whom thou hast kept from "Jeff Davis".

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and Foreign Intervention" Make us
to be remembered with thy favorites
in office everlasting.

Oh Abe! Save thy people & bless thy
parasites! Govern them & increase their
salaries for ever!

Day by day we puff thee.
And we exalt thy name in ever the
daily papers.

Vouchsafe, oh Abe! To keep us this day
without a change of generals.

Oh Abe! Have mercy on the army of the
Oh Abe! Let thy mercy be upon us, as our
trust is not in Stanton.

Oh Abe! For thee have I voted, let
me never be drafted!

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