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Letter from McNamara.

D[ea]r Sir

My last letter informed you of
The glorious success of His Majesty's Arms in
The reduction of Charlestown; and this will convey
To you as important an Event, the defeat of an
Army flushed with an idea from their Numbers
Of nothing less than the Capture of our Army
And the retaking of Charlestown.

Gates had been appointed to the Southern
Command; and an Army marched from
Maryland Virginia & North Carolina to
Put into Execution their grand Object, the
Capture of our Army, while in Cantoonments
On the Frontiers of this Province. Human
Nature co[ul]d not suppose that while they
Were routed from this Province, an Army
Of 8 Continental Battalions & Militia in all
Above 8000 men well appointed in Artillery &
Baggage co[ul]d have been collected, and a blow
Meditated against this Place. Such was the case,
They advanced and very secretly; but not so as
Not to be marked by Lord Rawdon who commanded

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who commanded at this Post. Immediate
information was given Lord Cornwallis then
at Charlestown who set out on receipt and
fortunately arrived time enough to make
the necessary arrangements for an Attack.

The 14th he arrived & the 15th at Night
marched with his little army to the attack
of the Rebels ab[ou]t 14 Miles off. After they marched
9 miles, the whole Rebel force were met on
a Similar Errand; and before they knew where
they were, our troops were with the Bayonets
at their Breasts - a close Action, and glorious
Conquest the Consequence - Above 600 dead, two
Hundred wounded, & Eight Hundred Prisoners
with all their Cannon, Camp Equipage & Baggage
etc. A Major Gen[era]l taken & since dead of his Wounds
a Brig[adie]r Gen[era]l and Officers ad infinitum.

This Event must be pregnant with the most
Serious Consequences to our future Progress.
The Militia damped; and most of the Sothern
Troops killed or taken. Give me leave therefore
to congratulate you on this Signal Success.

I have been called here to give my Assistance
which you may be assured is my greatest
ambition to render myself usefull in every Situation

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and my endeavours are highly rewarded by
the General approbation of my Conduct.

I am anxious to hear of your determin-
Ation about Charles Lane. I cannot now give
You the encouragem[en]t I did last fall.

When will this war be over? I think it bids
Fair for a Conclusion. Why had we not travelled
From South to North and No war would have
Existed - it's not too late even now. We
Shall in a few days take another Stripe off
By the Reduction of a Neighbouring Province.

Thus we go on - I am sorry to hear
Mr Stapleton has been ill. I hope Mr Mellish
Is perfectly recovered - my best Respects &
Love to Joe, who I hope will still continue
Drawing - Comp[liment]s to all friends I am

D[ea]r Sir

Your Obliged

John Mc Namara Hayes


Aug[u]st 22d 1780

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