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Letter from hospital, Alexandria.


Dec 13/15

Dear Father

I have been transferred to the above, but am still pretty weak. Another distressing thing is that my teeth are decaying at the bottom & must be seen to; apparently it is quite a common thing on the peninsula & nearly everybody has it.

I was lucky to get away from Gallipoli when I did. After I left there was a horrible blizzard; hundreds of men are down with frost bite, & [t](crossed out) many died of exposure. Men became so weak from cold & hunger - no stores could be landed - that dozens fell down & were drowned in a few feet of water in the trenches.

All the dead bodies were washed down out of their graves in the hills & are lying unburied on the shore.

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I hope you got my wire re sending khaki kit.

Alex[andria] is quite a fine town tho'[ugh] rather straggling. But one can get everywhere by tram.

Love to all


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