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List of illustrations from "A Literary Miscellany"

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'Address to the Infant Sappho''Address to the Infant Sappho' (Nottingham: 1844), from Ballads volume, Special Collection PR1181.B2View in pageView alone 
'The Transport''The Transport' (J. Catnach, Bristol, [n.d.]), from Ballads volume, Special Collection PR1181.B2View in pageView alone 
Execution of William Wells, 1827'Particulars of the life, trial, behaviour and execution of William Wells, aged 46, for highway robbery, who was executed on Nottingham Gallows on Monday April 2, 1827' (Nottingham: Ordoyno, 1827), from Nottinghamshire trials volume, East Midlands Special Collection Not 1.H64View in pageView alone 
Allen a Dale'Robin Hood's garland: being a complete history of all the notable exploits performed by him and his men, on diverse occasions; to which is added the whole life of bold Robin Hood, Earl of Huntingdon; being a more particular account of his birth etc than any hitherto published' (London: A. Bittesworth etc. Hitch 1733), East Midlands Special CollectionView in pageView alone 
Ritson's Robin HoodJ.Ritson, 'Robin Hood: A Collection of all the Poems, Songs, and Ballads now Extant, Relative to that Celebrated Outlaw' (London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown, 1820), East Midlands Special CollectionView in pageView alone 
Robin expelled from his uncle's house'The History of Robin Hood' (London: Tabart, 1806), Briggs CollectionView in pageView alone 
Shadwell, Prologue to 'The Country Captain'Thomas Shadwell, 'Prologue or epilogue to 'The Country Captain' by William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle', Portland Literary Papers PwV 370View in pageView alone 
Belvoir Castle playbillBelvoir Castle playbill 'The Bengal Tiger', Marley Collection My 2410View in pageView alone 
'Bill of the play''The Bill of the play: an illustrated record of the chief dramas, plays, operas bouffe, etc,' 1881 (London: Pictorial World, 1881), Cambridge Drama CollectionView in pageView alone 
'Shaksperean show-book''Shaksperean show-book' 1884, Cambridge Shakespeare Collection TCS 3/34View in pageView alone 
'Cymbeline', Almanack 1891'Almanack 1891: illustrated scenes from Shakepeare', London: Bryant & May, 1891, Cambridge Shakespeare Collection, TCS 3/33/6View in pageView alone 
Bruges Shakespeare ClubBruges Shakespeare Club, 'The tragedy of Macbeth', Cambridge Shakespeare Collection TCS 4/3View in pageView alone 
John Wilmot Earl of Rochester'The works of the Earls of Rochester, Roscommon, and Dorset, the Dukes of Devonshire, Buckinghamshire etc., with memoirs of their lives' (London:[no printer] 1752), Special CollectionView in pageView alone 
'On ye union''On ye Union', Portland Literary Papers PwV 1261View in pageView aloneTran- script
'A new collection of poems''A new collection of poems relating to state affairs, from Oliver Cromwel [sic] to this present time by the greatest wits of the age' (London: [no printer] 1705), Special Collection.View in pageView alone 
D.H. Lawrence and FriedaD.H. Lawrence and Frieda, Chapala, Mexico, 1923. D.H. Lawrence Collection La Wb 1/9View in pageView alone 
Lazarus bequestThe George Lazarus library, D.H. Lawrence Collection.View in pageView alone 
Lady Chatterley trialPress cuttings, Lady Chatterley trial 1960, D.H. Lawrence Collection, La Z 13/1/1960/11View in pageView alone 
Richard IIJulia Corner, 'The history of Ireland from the earliest period to the present time: adapted for youth, schools, and families by Miss Corner' (London: Thomas Dean & Co., 1840), Briggs CollectionView in pageView alone 
Murder of the princes in the Tower'Portraits and characters of the Kings of England: from William the Conqueror to George the Third' (London: J. Harris, 1825), Briggs CollectionView in pageView alone 
Entry of James II into DublinMaria Elizabeth Budden, 'True stories from English history: chronologically arranged from the invasion of the Romans to the death of George III' (London: John Harris, 1828), Briggs Collection.View in pageView alone 
Henry Kirke WhiteHenry Kirke White Banquet, Exchange Hall Nottingham 21 November 1906. Kirke White Collection Kw 3/2/2View in pageView alone 
Clifton Grove, near NottinghamHenry Kirke White, 'The remains of Henry Kirke White of Nottingham, late of St. John's College Cambridge, with an account of his life by Robert Southey' (London & Nottingham: Vernor, Hood & Sharpe... W. Dunn & S. Tupman, 1807), East Midlands Special CollectionView in pageView alone 
Draft of letter to 'Nottingham Journal'Henry Kirke White, draft of letter to 'Nottingham Journal', Kirke White Collection Kw C 299.View in pageView aloneTran- script

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