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Revolution and Empire

The French Revolution Collection contains a wealth of contemporary published source material, concerning especially the output of political newsletters.

Engravings were made of key players, including the lawyer Georges Jacques Danton, who became Minister of Justice in 1792. He opposed the Terror. Robespierre was instrumental in arranging his arrest. He was executed in 1794.

The years of revolution saw a flowering of press activity, particularly in Paris. Many different titles were launched, with new issues often on a weekly basis. They demonstrate the volatile political climate and the rapid pace of change, as the mob followed different factions, adopted new political positions and allowed the development of new political structures.

Issue 17 of "Bulletin du Tribunal Criminel Révolutionnaire" reported the trial of Jean Paul Marat in April 1793 before the revolutionary tribunal. Marat was one of the most prolific writers for the revolution but had roused the opposition of the Girondist faction. His spirited defence ensured his acquittal, but he escaped the guillotine only to be murdered in July by Charlotte Corday.

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) rose to fame and power through his abilities as a soldier and administrator. He led France from the chaos of the Terror to dominance as a European empire. His life and military career is documented in works within the French Revolution Collection.

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Georges Danton

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Bulletin, French Revolution Collection

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Napoleon Bonaparte

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