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Laying the memorial stoneLaying the memorial stone of the new University College at Nottingham: Mr Gladstone addressing the crowd, from 'Illustrated London News' 6th October 1877, East Midland Special Collection.View in pageView alone 
Inaugural lecture seriesPoster advertising inaugural public lectures 1880-81, University Collection Acc 23 Box 2 Bundle B5.View in pageView alone 
Frank Clowes, College PrincipalFrank Clowes, from A.C. Wood. 'A History of the University College Nottingham 1881-1948' (Oxford: B.H. Blackwell, 1953), East Midlands Collection.View in pageView alone 
Jesse Boot's gift to Nottingham'Sir Jesse Boot's gift to the City of Nottingham'. MS 313.View in pageView alone 
Trent Building under constructionTrent Building under construction. University Collection Acc 878.View in pageView alone 
Raffle ticketRaffle ticket for student hostel. University Collection Acc 706.View in pageView alone 
Bomb damage Shakespeare St.Bomb damage to University College, Shakespeare Street, May 8th/9th 1941. University Collection Acc 253/1/42f.View in pageView alone 
Digging for victoryWorkmen planting vegetables at University Park in 1940. University Collection Acc 253/1/40/2.View in pageView alone 
Goldsmith's College studentsStudents evacuated from Goldsmith's College London. University Collection Acc 222/4.View in pageView alone 
Signing the CharterJohn Campbell Boot, 2nd Lord Trent signing the Charter petition to request university status. University Collection Acc 253/1/49.View in pageView alone 
Degree Day 1951Degree Day 1951: procession to the Albert Hall, Nottingham. University Collection Acc 253/2.View in pageView alone 
Duke of Portland, Chancellor, 1955.Installation of the Duke of Portland as Chancellor, 1955. University Collection Acc 186/15/79View in pageView alone 
ChickerahChickerah: Charity Carnival magazine, 1952. East Midlands Special Collection.View in pageView alone 
Cross-country team 1957Nottingham University cross-country team 1957. University Collection Acc 871/5.View in pageView alone 
Programme for student productionProgramme for student production 'Aucassin & Nicolete' 1926, East Midlands Special Collection, Not 5.T2.View in pageView alone 
Students of 1906-7 included D.H. LawrenceStudents of University College 1906-7: D.H. Lawrence is in the second back row, second from right. University Collection La Phot 1/4.View in pageView alone 
First medical students 1970The first students of the new Medical School, September 1970. University Collection Acc 865/2.View in pageView alone 
Students outside Cherry Tree Buildings 1970Students outside Physiology Department, Cherry Tree Buildings 1970. University Collection Acc 887/1.View in pageView alone 
Highfields campus map 1930sHighfields campus map 1930s. University Collection UR 1402.View in pageView alone 
Millennium GardenThe Millennium Garden, from 'University of Nottingham newsletter' no. 215, Jan 15th 2001, East Midlands Special Collection.View in pageView alone 
Prof. Fujia YangProf. Fujia Yang, from 'University of Nottingham Annual Report', 2000/1, East Midlands Special Collection.View in pageView alone 
NottoramaNottorama vol.2, 1984, Nottingham University Chinese Students' Society, East Midlands Special Collection.View in pageView alone 
Inspecting potatoesInspecting potatoes at the Midland Agricultural College c.1938. University Collection Acc 864/5.View in pageView alone 
Mahatma Ghandi visit 1931Mahatma Ghandi at University College Nottingham, 1931. University Collection Acc 253/1/7.View in pageView alone 

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